Giovanni Frazzetto


Whether in friendship, love or family, intimacy evolves constantly, demanding we raze emotional barriers, and discover who we really are.

Through the stories of eight relationships, Giovanni Frazzetto has woven an extraordinary narrative of togetherness.

A woman at odds with the uncertainty of finding a partner. A husband and a wife who look back in time to the start of their marriage. City daters looking for love and stumbling upon sex. A couple entangled in a secret love affair. Inseparable friends who together sketch the path of their future lives A young man who struggles to find himself before he can love his boyfriend. Incompatible partners caught in a chase of attraction and rejection. A daughter parting from her dying father.

In Together, Closer, Frazzetto unravels the components of intimacy, in all of these relationships, illuminating its mysteries, challenges, and pleasures through a brilliant mix of storytelling and science.


“An ambitious project . . . Giovanni Frazzetto marries science with art, the most recent discoveries of neuroscience with human stories about intimacy. . . . A clear love of art and science shines from the book.” —The Irish Times

Together, Closer examines the way humans relate to each other across a spectrum of relationships from parent-child to platonic friendships and, of course, romantic love. . . .  The reader reads the stories of others’ lives but, of course, we are really appraising our own. Every now and then—and where this happens will depend on your intimate style—the text seems to silver into a kind of mirror. It is unnervingly accurate the way this works, and triggers an interior scrutiny. In these characters, Frazzetto is really showing us ourselves, helping us to look at what we usually look away from.”

—The Guardian

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